21st Century Learning

It's important that we as a county recognize that students today need to learn in new and innovative ways that resemble the work they'll be doing in the future. Long paper tests and surface level classes are no longer cutting it.

  • Introduction of a study hall class/period that students can take during the school day  

  • Encourage the implementation of more field trips in order to support in-class learning by allowing students to suggest field trips related to class content 

  • Reduce the number of testing that students have to do by increasing project-based assessments

  • Promote life skills classes like quantitative literacy, fashion design, and media production. Also, make these classes more accessible to students at all schools

  • Further integrate the Fine Arts into our county‚Äôs core curriculum

Career Pathway Programs

The central purpose of an education is to prepare students for a career and so it's time that became a priority for our school system.

  • Provide more opportunities for middle school students to learn about potential careers during the school day 

  • Push for the creation of more optional specialized schools, modeled after Thomas Edison High School

    • Launch a focus group to explore the option of specialized middle schools 

  • Provide access to professionals and internships in various fields to help students transition into the workforce


For too long, our curriculum has failed to  relate to all students in our county. It's time to diversify perspectives and views we learn about in school. 

  • Modify the author list for literature classes to include authors from all areas of the world and different backgrounds

  • Give students the options to take Social Studies and History classes that spend more time on other locations besides Europe 

  • Increase the types of county-based media used to teach students (videos, music, live performances, experimentation, etc.) to accommodate the different learning styles of students

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