In our modern world, it is increasingly important that we keep ourselves accountable for our impact on the environment. 

  • Ensuring that new school constructions prioritize environmental standards 

  • Inserting refillable water fountains in all middle and high schools 

  • Encourage the addition of more electric school busses

  • The placement of recycling stations with more options for recycling beyond paper and plastic (composting, metal, glass, etc.)

  • Eliminate the use of single-use plastic lunch containers

  • Reduce the amount of disposable, plastic water bottles bought by the county

School Safety

Schools are meant to be the safest place for a student. Our county has made great progress towards making our schools safer, but there's still so much more we could do.

  • Make sure that all schools have modern-day security equipment (such as hallway security mirrors and double-door entryways) 

  • Modify safety drills to better replicate real-life situations and better prepare students for emergencies 

  • Implement safer and more efficient emergency procedures for students in portables and for after school activities


The experience students have riding a school bus is something that is overlooked often. It's important that we make sure our school busses are up to date and that students are able to get to school, safely and easily.

  • Revaluate the safety of bus routes, especially those located at major intersections 

    • Also use this bus revaluation to alleviate overcrowding on buses  

  • Make sure all buses are up to date with proper AC/heating systems

  • Work alongside County Council to advocate for increased accessibility to public transportation in locations with few public bus routes 

  • Prioritize Pedestrian Safety and ensure no students are injured by vehicles on their way to school 

Renovations & Reconstructions

With our county's student population constantly growing, it's important that our school facilities are able to keep up. 

  • Increased accessibility for students with disabilities in all school buildings (such as adding wheelchair ramps to schools that are still missing it) 

  • Utilizing smaller, routine renovations for schools that don’t need complete refurbishment but still need fixing up 

  • Increase transparency and access to information related to school renovations

  • Push for quicker maintenance of school facilities (ex. broken bathroom locks, broken water fountains, jammed vending machines, etc.)


Today, students access to information is greater than ever. It's important that we make sure our schools are equipped with the modern day technology necessary for supporting 21st century students.

  • Collaborate with principals on individual bases to achieve cell phones during lunch in all middle schools 

  • Extending Media Center hours for students who may not have access to wifi at home and students with after school activities that end late

  • Expedite the installation of upgraded Promethean Boards in all classrooms 

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