The college application process is one that can be very confusing for families. Our county needs to do a better job at supporting families through the process.  

  • Implement county-based SAT & prep courses to aid students as they prepare for these standardized tests

  • Increase AP course offerings at schools that only have a low number of AP classes available

  • Expand seats in the ACES program (a program that supports students through getting their high school diploma and applying for college), making it more proportional to school population size 

  • Host more accessible county-wide college fairs in all parts of the county 

  • Expanding dual enrollment and MC2 programs by bringing the programs to more schools across the county



Each student's situation is wildly different, however, it's important that MCPS is able to accommodate all these unique situations. 

  • Provide students with the option to use digital textbooks as opposed to traditional, physical textbooks 

  • Make the Chromebook rental program more streamlined and accessible to students 

  • Installation of TI Calculator software on Chromebooks so that students can use laptops as graphing calculators if they cannot afford to purchase their own 

  • Reducing parking permit fee for FARMS students and standardizing parking permit fees for each school throughout the county



Educational opportunities are not equal across the board, it's time to fix that.

  • Increased high school magnet program accessibility and information to low-income families

    • Easier access to preparation materials for all magnet programs to families 

  • Increased employment of more ESOL teachers who speak languages beyond Spanish and French (ex. Amharic, Chinese, Hindi, etc.)



The Board works to serve its constituents (students and their families). It only makes sense that the people the board serves have a say on the decisions the board makes. 

  • Explore additional methods of reducing school inequities within schools to supplement boundary analysis 

  • Ensure that the public has access to major findings of the boundary analysis and that decisions made surrounding the analysis are transparent 

  • Increase involvement in the decision-making process from the community (especially lower-income and marginalized groups) 

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