Message from Jan 7th 2020

Over the last few months, we’ve witnessed our nation, and the world, enter a grim state. The collective experiences and widespread trauma inflicted by events that have occurred bind us as a generation growing up during times of constant historic crisis. Whether it’s dealing with a newfound sense of isolation, internalizing the results of a contentious election, or trying to wrap your head around the acts that took place yesterday, most of us are grappling with myriad issues. However, despite the looming darkness and division present in our country, you are not alone. As we navigate these challenging times together, please know that there are brighter days ahead. I, along with your teachers, administrators, and school system, are here to support you.


While 2020 was difficult, I have hope that the year ahead will be one of restoration and healing. I look forward to working with you all during the last six months of my term as we work towards building a better future. And remember, your feelings and emotions at this time are valid. It's okay to express them. It's okay to be worried, anxious, angry, and confused. With that said, be proud of all that you've accomplished during these challenging times. Be excited for all the great things you will accomplish in the upcoming times. 


Stay safe and all the best,

Nick Asante