Mental Health

It is unreasonable to expect students to succeed academically when they're not receiving the mental and emotional support they need. We need to enhance our county's approach to tackling student mental health.

  • Reduce the counselor to student ratio (by increasing the number of counselors at each school) so that students are able to visit their counselors more frequently

  • Hiring more school psychologists who can provide professional and anonymous help to students at school

  • Increase the number of schools that contain mental-health orientated spaces and  Student Wellness Centers

  • Expand the county‚Äôs mental health month efforts to increase their effectiveness 

School Meals

Nutritious and enjoyable meals are an important part of a student's academic success. 

  • Expand food choices to further accommodate students with plant-based diets (vegetarians and vegans) 

  • Urge for healthier food options that come from local meal providers 

  • Encourage the extension of lunch periods at schools with less than 35-minute lunches

Student Input

Our education system is meant to serve the students. It's important that students are given a chance to easily provide input for the decisions affecting them.

  • Provide students the chance to evaluate their teachers and their teaching methods 

  • Meet directly with school administration, upon the requests of students, to discuss issues on a school by school basis

  • Make it easier for students to report problems with school buildings 

  • Give students the chance to suggest reading materials and give input on the curriculum

Student Welfare

It's important that our county ensures that students feel comfortable in their school environments so that they are eager and able to learn. 

  • Enhanced cultural awareness & competency training as a requirement for all teachers and school faculty 

  • Promotion of awareness and acceptance of students of different backgrounds by developing open-minded school cultures

  • Reduce teacher to student ratios by decreasing class sizes, allowing students to develop closer connections with their teachers


The role of a SMOB is to not only represent students at the board table, but also effectively communicate with students about the work they're doing.

  • Maintain accessible modes of communication between the SMOB and MCPS students through the use of social media

  • Utilize monthly live streams to answer any questions students may have about what the Board is doing 

  • Revamp the SMOB minute, making it more engaging and easier to access

  • Visit every school throughout the duration of my SMOB term

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